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Larkhall Academy

Learning at Home

We are working hard to ensure pupils have access to key materials to allow them to study at home. Individual faculties/ teachers may have their own separate arrangements for communication, such as Google Classroom.

To supplement these arrangements, the ‘Learning’ menu above contains many useful links. These will be updated with more work and links as we continue to support our learners. Packs are available at our school office for any pupil unable to access ICT.


Learning at Home page

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School Reopening Letter


School Reopening Letter ASN Specific

ASN Return Letter

SQA Appeals

Any SQA pupils/families wishing to request a SQA appeal/Post Certification review, should complete the form below. All pupils who have previously spoken to a school staff member regarding an appeal request, should fill in this form also. 

All responses should be submitted by 3pm on Tuesday 11 Aug 20. 

 SQA Appeals Form


We are looking forward to our staff and pupils returning to school, next week we hope the info in this presentation reassures all of you


 School Lunches S1

All S1 pupils will log onto Glow on Wednesday and be able to download the new pre-ordering app for our canteen on Wednesday evening. 

Pupils will be able to access snacks and their lunch via the canteen. Time will be given on the first morning to pre-order or add money to their account. Pupils wishing to add money onto their account at school, must have the exact money. We are unable to issue any change. Any money added via Parent Pay will be available on your child's account.  


Whitelaws Buses Update

Bus 1 – Will still pick up and drop off at lifestyles and main road stops

Bus 2 – Will only pick up and drop off at main road stops (this is a change from last term)

Bus 3 – Will only pick up and drop off at main road stops


The two seats behind driver will not be allowed to be used due to social distancing.