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Larkhall Academy

Young Ambassadors 2017-18

Emma, Allana, Chris, Calum, Eve and Hazel are our 6 Young Ambassadors this year.

Our aim is to encourage you to become more physically active and promote opportunities which will allow you to do so.

You will see us at registration, extra-curricular and around the school. If you have any questions, please ask us!



 Emma and Allana are our S6 Young Ambassadors as well as Sports Captains.

The girls will support many extracurricular events across the school year and are always happy to help, if you have any questions please ask them!



 Our two S5 ambassadors, Chris and Calum, are always keen to help out. The boys gave up their time during summer to support our P7 Transition event. You will see them about the school, if you have any questions please ask them!



Eve and Hazel are our newest ambassadors. Eve is a fabulous Dancer and you will probably see her dancing down the corridor! She has been involved in the South Lanarkshire Dance Event the last few years, even winning awards! Hazel is an amazing Badminton player. If she is not playing Badminton, she is playing Music. Don’t challenge her to a Badminton match, she will win!


 What have we done so far?


Sports Fayre

Spoken to you at registration

St. Andrew’s Hospice Run

Volunteered during summer

Supported the School Interhouse Sports Day

Created Notice Boards

Organised Senior Classroom Assistants in PE

Sports Leader Week


Active Girls Week