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Larkhall Academy

County Sports Success

We had an extremely successful day at the finals of South Lanarkshire County Sports, apologies for the long e-mail.

This is the biggest group we have ever taken to this event and our pupils were absolutely outstanding. I cannot speak any more highly of their attitude and effort on the day, they showed great encouragement to one another and to other schools – this was noted by other members of staff.

S2 Results

Callum Strang - 6th in 100m semi-final, relay (personal best achieved)

Rhys Hogg – 4th in 100m final, relay gold

Dean Patterson – Gold in 200m, relay gold (personal best achieved)

Cameron Martin – Silver in 200m, relay gold

Sam Main – 4th in 1200m final

Mark Smith – 6th in 600m final

Aaron McAllister – sixth in shot putt final

Kiera Muncie – 5th in 100m Final, relay silver

Emma Gilchrist – 6th in 200m final, silver in long jump

Sophie Evans – Gold in 200m, relay silver (personal best achieved)

Chloe Gilfillan – Bronze in 1200m

Hayley Gilfillan – 4th in 600m final

Codie McHolm – Gold in High Jump, Gold in 600m (personal best achieved)

Leah Mooney - Relay silver

Caitlin Foster - Relay silver

S3 Results

Emily Wheatland – 5th in 100m semi final

Sacha Horne – 5th in 100m semi final

Kayla Dobbin – Silver in High Jump

Josh Livingstone – Gold in 200m

Callum Smith – 5th in 800m final

Grant Hunter – 4th in shot putt final

Cole Curtis – Gold in High Jump

Ellie Douglas – 5th in 800m final

S4 Results

Max Fisher – 6th in shot putt final

Matthew Henderson – Gold in High Jump

Cameron Gebbie - 5th in 100m Final

Senior Pupils

Ross Mitchell – Silver in 100m

Sol Stewart – Gold in 100m

Thomas Watson – Silver in 1500m

John Lees – 6th in Javelin

David Lees – Gold in Javelin (county sports record)