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Exam Results - August 2013

Mr Bryan Kee  Headteacher

South Lanarkshire


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Head Teacher - B Kee
Equality Statements
S2  CfE  Subject Selection Information
S2’s CfE subject selection process.
Information can be found here. This Q & A document and draft curriculum architecture might be useful.
These 8 sample learner profiles show examples of pupils’ possible journeys through Larkhall Academy from the S3 Broad General Education to the Senior Phase.

CfE Update for Parents & Carers
more info

Senior Phase  info Part 1  Part 2

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Olympic Games 2012
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School Prom 2013 highlights

School Show 2013

School Show 2013 highlights

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'Our House' June 2013
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Nationals in a Nutshell more info

Final Exam study leave arrangements

S3 into S4 Option Choice Form

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